2nd Annual Fall Yoga Retreat

Soul Full Sanctuary Retreat Space, Barneveld, WI

November 11
More details to come!


Yoga Mini Retreats
Saturday afternoons 1:00 – 5:00 pm

Quarry Arts Building 715 Hill Street in Madison Room 170


August 19 – Improving your Balance

You know how the standing balance poses of tree, eagle, dancer, big toe hold, warrior 3 and half moon can be frustrating sometimes? Well in this afternoon retreat we’ll focus on the foundation of your feet, the integration of your legs and pelvis and the importance of your core that helps make these poses possible and even enjoyable too! And you’ll leave with a new perspective on balance in your life.


September 30 – Chakra Yoga Practice

Wonder what the chakras are all about and how they affect your body and life? Come play with us as we learn about these sometimes elusive energy wheels inside of us through specific poses per charka and dive into the deeper meaning of each one as we study Anodea Judith’s Wheels of Life Chakra book. Judith says “Within in our heart the seeds of peace … lie … awaiting sweet release.”


October 21 – Strengthening Your Core

As the cool fall air comes in we will be warming up from the inside as we explore the four layers of our abdominal muscles. You may hear your yoga teacher say to engage from the transverse abdominal layer, that is our deepest layer of core strength as it forms this amazing corset around our torso and is so so important in keeping all of our yoga poses safely connected from the core out to the periphery.


December 16 – Restorative Yoga

The holidays are fast approaching and the New Year is upon us, this is the time to come do a restorative yoga afternoon retreat! All afternoon we will be melting, melting and melting into the many fabulous deeply relaxing yoga poses. Think bolsters, soft blankets, sand bags, eye pillows and soothing music await you. You will leave filled to the brim to approach this busy time of the year with softness.


Registration: We have all the yoga equipment there, no need to bring anything. The fee is $75 per mini retreat and please write check out to Core Awareness, LLC and mail to 301 S Marietta Street Verona, WI 53593.

Teacher: Jill Babiarz, E-RYT, has been teaching healing movement for over 20 years and has owned her Core Awareness studio for 12 years. Her gentle, loving and compassionate yet very empowering approach to teaching is unparalleled. You can reach her at jill@coreawareness.net or 608.358.7983 or visit coreawareness.net.