I look forward to my session with Jill as my “hour of grace” each week. Jill inspires strength and flexibility in me, in both my body and spirit. The yoga poses along with the beautiful words related to the theme of the sessions are healing and uplifting. My body has stayed healthy through several challenges because of the work we do in yoga together.
-Kay Cipperly

Jill’s teaching provides a balance of building physical and emotional strength. At the same time she is both nurturing and supportive. She designed each session to meet my needs and interests and adjusted on the fly as my body reacted to the work. It is a pleasure to work with her in her calm, warm studio.
-Tim Prince

I was new to yoga when I began with Jill a year and a half ago, and was understandably feeling a little intimidated. Jill put me at ease immediately. She is that rare combination of kind and gentle and assertive and challenging, which has helped me make progress each session.  Working one-on-one with Jill has been very helpful, particularly after my surgery. I highly recommend Core Awareness and Jill Beuning!
-Karen Larson

Jill’s positive energy and expertise have helped me connect yoga to an ever increasing amount of my life. She has helped me achieve yoga poses I never thought I’d be able to do and has helped me find a surprising amount of strength within myself. Having worked with Jill, I feel a deeper knowledge of my own body and a stronger sense of my own possibilities.
-Martha Vallan

Jill has helped me heal twice. The first time was from an almost decade long bout of left arm pain following a failed neck operation. The second after fracturing both arms in a fall. I know that I would not be living with the level of comfort that I am without her expertise, guidance and care.
-Gary Woroch, MD

Before I started doing yoga with Jill I was having a lot of bodily pain and discomfort. I’ve been doing yoga with her for about six months and my strength, flexibility, and mindset have all improved. It’s made a huge difference in my life and I feel like a much stronger person because of it.  She is a fantastic person and I can’t recommend her enough!
-Aaron Yonda

The experiences I have enjoyed with Jill at Core Awareness have made my life better in a variety of ways. She has taught me how to use and channel my strength and offered me a spiritualism that I have embraced wholeheartedly. All of these new feelings and ideas are due solely to Jill’s ability as a most talented teacher. I truly believe that my work with her is making me healthier, happier and strong enough to take on all that I still need to accomplish as an artist.
-Natasha Nicholson

Jill’s session takes me where I need to go every week. Jill has a plan, but when I walk in the door she is quickly, undetectably, assessing what is needed. Jill is constantly tweaking and challenging you to go to places where you will be so happy you went. She is also always there with loving kindness and honesty that I take with me every time. Love you Jill!
-Lisa Olson