My small group yoga sessions and private sessions are a beautiful blend of uplifting philosophy, chanting, poses and meditation including healing touch and therapeutics. My students range from age 2 to 93 years young. I am blessed to receive many referrals from doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, athletes, physical therapists and other healing people in the community.

While the practice of yoga has been around for thousands of years with its benefits being unsurpassed, the philosophy of yoga emphasizes openheartedness, loving kindness and looks for the good in all people and all things. It aims to free up your emotions by aligning your body in various poses through its healing alignment.

Quarry Arts Building 715 Hill Street in Madison


Yoga & Craniosacral Private Sessions – Suite 112

1 session – $110

5 sessions – $525

10 sessions – $1,000

My private yoga sessions are now 80-90 minutes in length and include a full hour of very healing therapeutic yoga followed by 20-30 relaxing minutes on my massage table where your body gently melts into a deep deep place of healing.

Small Group Yoga Sessions – Room 170

$30 drop in fee

$140 for a 5 class pass that expires in 8 weeks

$250 for a 10 class pass that expires in 14 weeks

Mondays 12Noon – 1:15pm
This small group is full of love and laughter as we flow through many yoga poses that are always interwoven with a very life enhancing theme to uplift you to heal in ways you never thought possible.  Join us for this fun group and I promise you that you will leave with your heart filled to the brim and your physical body will be feeling great! No yoga experience needed. All yoga equipment provided.

Wednesdays 4:00 – 5:15pm
Welcome yourself to be with others in my sacred healing studio to cultivate emotional wellness.  We breathe and move together slowly in a way that supports each other through life’s challenges.  We gently let the light come back into your body and heart.  No yoga experience needed.  All yoga equipment provided.
Thursdays 2:30 – 3:45pm
Join us in this sweet small group that is designed to provide very specific therapeutic yoga techniques for your wrists, shoulders, hips, back, knees and feet.  We move slower than the other small groups and each week we tailor it to whatever your body brings in that is in need of healing.  No yoga experience needed. All yoga equipment provided.
Come to your home or business
$125 (90 minutes)
$175 (90 minutes) – 15 miles outside of Madison 


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